How It Work

The risk of your investment is minimal. Pico team, with its history of supplying and trading digital currency trades in the largest software vendors and digital currency encryption vendors, has reduced the risk of user investment to zero and by providing plans It's very rational to share your profits with you. There's a lot of time users are struggling around in the circles, and that's a point of high risk in global trading. This risk increases when users are not trained and easily capitalized. They are losing business deals. Many media outlets are backed up Collect money and run away from the scene. But do not worry Pico Media Group, with its unrivaled experience over the past two years, has provided a safe and enjoyable environment for users, and will soon be certified by the McPhail Foundation for transparency in the media. germany will be released in the world. We are proud to present our top-notch revenue-generating plans with the best profitable and most logical deals.

Pico's motto has always been to lower the risk of making more money. Come with us.Pico Media Media Group is the first and the largest company to set up a variety of digital businesses to always target sensitive and accessible points. It's worth noting that all you dear users need to know and that the purpose of Setting up Pico Invester site and why we should invest in it. Due to the existence of various investment and hub sites, and contrary to the belief of users, Pico Media Corporation is launching the largest ICO and token named The exclusive PMG is that this cryptoscope is designed for the base of blockChain, and in May 2019, It will be available in this token for 3 months and will become coin, and it will be extensible as a network and hardware. Requests are made with the world's largest exchanges and the white paper of this currency It is currently ready and will be released soon. All the people who join this great project with the Pico team will undoubtedly make the most unique investment of the century. Our business team's issues are risk free and in all respects. Safe and profitable. Therefore, everyone who participates in this massive project, in addition to the monthly profits at the time of digital currency offerings The dedicated Token will be provided free of charge.